Program objective of the organization “Transparency International – Macedonia” is to establish a system of good governance for efficient fight and prevention against corruption, implemented through the following activities:

  • Analysis of the national legislative, comparative analysis and recommendations;
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the anti-corruption law and changes in the legislative;
  • Analysis of the national integrity system of the Republic of Macedonia through the analysis of the anti- corruption pillars;
  • Initiation and implementation of the project “Culture of Law against corruption”;
  • Cooperation with non-governmental organizations working on similar problems and authorized institutions in the Republic of Macedonia, publishing and distribution of collected analytical data and established knowledge for purposes of designing or implementing organized social activities regarding the problem of corruption;
  • Initiation anti- corruption programs in the primary education in cooperation with the Ministry of education;
  • Implementation of the Declaration “0” Tolerance towards corruption;
  • Corporative governance and development of the code of ethics for the private sector;
  • Monitoring on the implementation of the anti- corruption strategies and international standards;
  • Measures for prevention and control over the possibilities for corruption in the area of media and

Other projects related the rule of law and good governance which will arise from the actual activities in this area.