Project duration:

December 1st 2020 – May 31st 2021.

Project objective:

To provide assessment of the national legal and institutional approximation of each country’s legislation with the 4th (1)  and 5th (2)  European Union AML Directives.
This is the first regional project on Anti Money Laundering VS Data Protection conducted between the four countries: North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Project team:

The project team is composed of two experts from each one of the four countries, one who will be reflecting on Anti Money Laundering, and another one who will be reflecting on Data Protection provisions. The experts will be analyzing the existing anti-money laundering practices in the four countries, and where possible, uncover the failures to address the issue of Data Protection both in the regulation and in practice.
There will be 4 national reports and a final regional report that will be presented to the authorities and will encompass information on how the Anti-Money Laundering/ Combating Financial Terrorism VS Data Protection is organized across the region.