Project Information

Implementation period: November 2018 – March 2021

Donor: European Commission

The project is implemented by the Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin in cooperation with the national chapters of Transparency International in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Turkey and with partner organizations MANS (Montenegro) and IDM (Albania).

Project objectives:

The project’s objective is to improve democratic governance in the 7 prospective countries for EU integration through corruption decrease.


More specficially the activities are oriented towards achieving the following:
  • Strengthening the transparency and accountability of the judiciary through ending impunity for grand corruption as a starting point in dealing with the problem of state capture.
  • Improving the democratic adoption of laws taking into account the tailor made laws that enable state capture
For achieving project objectives, the mid-term result is:
  • Enabling better understanding about the concept of grand corruption and the effects it causes by the 7 prospective countries for EU integration


One of the project components is grand corruption assessment in the judiciary.

The research would produce four results:

  • One database (per project partner) and one regional database
  • National report
  • One regional comparative report about grand corruption in Western Balkans and Turkey
  • List of tailor-made laws per country