Project information

Implementation period: April 2020 – May 2021

Donor: European Union through the “Еurope for Citizens” programme.

Implemented by: Transparency International Macedonia, Transparency International –
Hungary, Association – Expert Forum from Romania and Kosovo Democratic Institute.

Short project information

The primary aim of this project is to promote European values such as the rule of law, democracy, transparency, press freedom, equality and solidarity across Eastern European Member States as well as in existing and potential candidate countries. Furthermore, the project’s goal is to encourage participants to become active citizens and engage in the democratic process at local, national and international level.

Activities plan

The project activities will consist of 3 streams: 1) Events that transfer knowledge and promote European values among the project participants, widen their knowledge about the benefits of EU membership. E.g. launch events, online workshops, guided tours, closing ceremonies. 2) Events of citizen engagement: Public debates, billboard/photo/video/ essay competition and online survey on EU attitudes where project participants can actively engage, create and think about European values, the future of the European Union, identify the EU’s main challenges and offer their own solutions. 3) Activities and outputs to elevate the project to a cross-national level and to promote the project itself and to disseminate its results.